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Astrology of 2023 & Full Moon Update

Happy New Year! Boy was 2022 a long year…so much happened in that year, a lot of growth and challenges. Astrologically speaking, 2023 is a very different year. And tonight we have the first full Moon of 2023!

In the bigger picture of 2023, astrologically the intensity we experienced in the last three years is finally dissolving as this year brings much more harmony between the planetary bodies.

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Solar Eclipse December 2021 ~ Expanded Consciousness & Overload of Information

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard that there is a total solar eclipse tonight under the new moon in Sagittarius. While this eclipse is only visible from the south most parts of the world, such as Antartica, which will suddenly be cast into darkness during the eclipse, its effects will be felt globally in the collective consciousness on an energetic level.

Let’s dive right into our astro update and talk about the tune the planets are singing for this eclipse.

First of all, a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, thereby casting a shadow on the Earth. In a manner of speaking, it appears as though the ‘Moon has eaten up the Sun'.

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Lunar Eclipse November 2021 ~ Healing the shadows

The lunar eclipse on Friday, Nov 19th, is a partial (but almost covering the moon) lunar eclipse which is going to be visible from North and South America as well as Australia and parts of Europe.

Astrologically, this lunar eclipse will begin a new cycle which will continue for months to come, culminating in May 2022. The eclipse falls on the axis of Scorpio-Taurus, with the Sun being in intense Scorpio and the Moon being in earthy Taurus.

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The Women From Mars

Yes, astrologically speaking, the archetype of Venus is the feminine in all its softness and sensual glory. And Mars is the archetype of the warrior, the masculine principle in action. Venus is receiving, giving and from the heart. Mars is penetrating, sexual energy in motion. So broadly speaking, it’s pretty accurate to say that women embody the Venusian principles and men the Martian ones.

But what about those women who’s astrological charts gear them to be more Martian in their approach? What about the women, who while in their essence they might be Venusian, but the archetype they embody is more Martian? What about the women who are from Mars?

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The Spiritual Dimension is the Source of Life

The source of everything in our world comes from a deeper source within us. When we tap into that source, that part of us that is eternal and ever present, we are able to experience a level of happiness and fulfillment that might otherwise allude us. Matter also springs from this very source, and by itself is subject to the law of birth and death.

So if we solely identify ourselves with our material lives, something will always seem to be missing. This is not to say that our earthly lives have no meaning to them, but rather that aligning our earthly lives to our spiritual lives gives us a sense of deeper purpose and happiness.

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