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The purpose of this work is to assist you in awakening/discovering/rediscovering your innate abilities to heal yourself from the inside out. Every single one of us has the ability to transform our relationship to our bodies through the process of working with our emotions (energy in motion). This transformation can help you in creating a fulfilling relationship to yourself which is the key to experiencing a deep sense of freedom and happiness.

Using the tools of meditation, the ancient practice of Han Su Do movement and other simple mind-body techniques, you will be able to achieve emotional healing, physical wellbeing and a deeper connection to yourself.

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By empowering ourselves to live authentically and be our authentic selves, we can create for ourselves joyful lives full of purpose.

Han Su Do Movement therapy in NYC


Yoga and Han Su Do are both ancient movement practices that not only promote a greater sense of wellbeing, but also help you be more present and awake to your own life, so that you can find your flow. Read more about Yoga and the changes it bring to your life. 


Meditation can improve our state of being. First by changing our state of being.

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Apart from the proven scientific benefits of meditation of relaxing the body and mind and reducing stress, meditation can also be used as a tool of transformation helping us to change our way of thinking and negative self talk which is one of the principle blocks in our lives towards limiting self sabotage and achieving greater productivity. 


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