• Lubaina Choudhury

Pink Moon in Libra: Leaning into discomfort

Tonight we have a full moon in 29 degree Libra, interesting it is the second full moon in Libra within one month. The 29th degree in astrology is called an anaretic degree, which has the energy of a process of evolution of something ending or the end of one form transforming into another. So the first half of this full moon has the Venusian energy of Libra, and the second half propels us into the Martian energy of Scorpio, the sign of the next full moon.

The first half of April had very light energy as spring began to come in and finally the cycle of retrogrades had ended. Now we are heading into the second cycle of retrogrades, with Jupiter already having moved into retrograde on April 10th. Saturn and Pluto will follow on April 25th, and even though these planets are outer planets, we will feel the energy of transformation and lessons to be learned once again with their retrograde motion.

So in a way this full moon in Libra moving into Scorpio is getting us prepared for what is to come. It’s a volatile full moon overall, as the moon, an unstable and ever changing planetary body itself, makes an opposition to the unpredictable planet Uranus, causing our emotions and psyche to feel the pressure of the unexpected. Libra being the sign of relationships, emotions may run high within intimate conversations as we feel into the boundaries of what we want versus want we need. Given the nature of the opposition with Uranus, this moon is also likely to create a lot of psychic energy manifested through dreams and meditations. It’s a hectic energy though, one that needs harnessing through grounding our bodies onto the earth.

For this full moon, a very nice ritual would be to take a long walk and really let the earth help you to channel the energies that the planets are creating so that you can prepare for the transformations to come with the next cycle of the moon. It is also nice to use flowery and earthy essential oils like Geranium, Rose and Palo santo which take us back into our hearts.

There is still a lot of cardinal energy around this full moon with 5 planets in cardinal signs, including the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto and the one nice thing about this is that we do have the capacity to take action and take the lead in our lives to remove stagnation and bring in a flow. So let the full moon illuminate and bring to your consciousness what area of your life is asking for you to take charge, to bring more truth and harmony (Libra and Venus attributes), and remember the way out is always through!

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