• Lubaina Choudhury

New Moon in Taurus ~ Rising Above Resistance

After the action packed fiery month of April, we are now in the earthy, sensuous domain of Taurus. The new moon tonight in Taurus is a grounding, reality check inducing, and let’s get our heads in order kind of new moon. The beauty of this new moon is that we have the opportunity to really feel like we are in our bodies, and connect to our physical reality — the body is not separate from the spirit, but rather a vessel created by it, and so our bodies have the capacity to give us messages about the condition of our minds, our emotions and spiritual progress. This new moon in Taurus is a good time to check in with how you are feeling in the vessel you are inhabiting. What is your energy level? Do you feel pain anywhere? If so, this is the time to go into the message behind that pain and discover what is at the root cause of it. What are your holding patterns in your body and where do you feel tension? All this is body talk for your state of mind and your emotional wellbeing; so use this information to your advantage to dig deep and heal.

Taurus also rules the throat and being ruled by Venus, it is the sign of music and using our voices to express our creativity, our love. As such under this new moon, music can have a particularly healing effect on our bodies and minds and it can help us go through our resistance. Oh yes, that word — resistance. If there is any sign that can embody the archetype of resistance, it would be the flip side of Taurus patience and persistence turned into stubborn resistance and a strong feeling of inertia towards what needs to change. Given that we now have two planets, Jupiter and Saturn in retrograde, we are also being asked to look at where we resist ourselves, our lives and ultimately love. What is the mechanism of our thought patterns that are keeping us tied in to doing the same things over and over again, or even better, not doing what needs to be done? Our minds are designed to keep these patterns in place, unless we consciously choose to rise above them.

Recently, I received the best advice from one of my teachers about resistance. I was saying to him ‘I feel my fears coming up every time I try to do this, I think it’s karma, it’s this and that and the other thing and I just don’t know how to do this, there is so much resistance’. ‘I have the solution to this problem your are facing about doing this thing’, he said. ‘What is it?’ I asked, almost desperate for someone to take me out of the misery I had put myself in. ‘Just do it’. That’s the kind of calm and rational approach that is very Taurean in nature that we can use to break through our patterns of resistance under this new moon. So how do you do something? By doing it. Shock your mind with this radical new way of being where no matter what it says, you do what you need to do because you are not identified with the fears, the stories and so on that your mind is creating, that is keeping you in resistance, so you can rise above it.

Under this new moon, the best meditation is movement, dance and singing. So while it is nice to quietly meditate with a green candle (green representing the feminine earthly element, the element of Taurus), when you are alone, find some time to breathe the fresh air outside, you move your body and to sing and vocalize who you are. This will bring clarity, awareness and presence. And when we are present, nothing can really stand in our way.

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