• Lubaina Choudhury

New Moon in Gemini ~ Controlled Enthusiasm

The new moon in Gemini today is full of possibilities. It is conjunct the fixed star Aldebaran in the Eye of the Bull constellation, which stimulates an incredible amount of energy and courage to dive into new ventures. This is a very auspicious new moon, promising vibrations of success and abundance when you take action, however, while Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are still retrograde, it is important to not get overly optimistic, so controlled enthusiasm is the best way forward.

Aldebaran is also one of the four Royal or Archangel Stars and it represents Archangel Michael, which with it’s conjunction to the new moon brings a form of celestial protection. It also opens up the energetic portal for fiery action and stimulates inspiration and creativity. Creativity is also stimulated by the new moon in Gemini forming a square with Neptune in Pisces, but at the same time this aspect is a warning to not get lost in one’s feelings and thoughts, but to stay grounded in reality.

With all this in mind, what is the best way that you can start the cycle of this new moon? I recommend writing down what it is that you wish to create in this upcoming month, and keep in mind that we will be having a full moon summer solstice on June 21st, a powerful time to supercharge your dreams and aspirations. Here is a meditation that you can use to tune in to the new moon and it’s energies:

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Light a white candle and a red candle and take a few deep breaths to get yourself centered. Then allow yourself to be guided by your inner intuition about what it is that you want to bring into your life and create from your heart. Open your eyes and write down a list of everything that comes to you. And then write down why you want what you want. This is an important step as your intention will influence your ability to bring to fruition your desires. Now, take some time to read this list, then close your eyes and meditate on what action you can take for at least one of these things on your list. For example, say you write down that you want to lose weight and have a fit body. Next to it, write down why: is it just because you want to look good? Or is there a deeper reason such as being healthy and vibrant so that you can serve the purpose of your soul on this planet. Go deep into your intentions. Next you want to meditate on ways to take action that will create what you desire. Now if your goal is to be healthy and vibrant, you might want to look at your nutrition and decide that for the next week, you will plan out your meals so that you can get nourish yourself with proper food.

Allow the promising and supportive energy of this new moon to guide you on your path of creating what you truly desire from the heart. Be enthusiastic and joyful, but check yourself so that you are grounded in reality and staying present to what is.

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