• Lubaina Choudhury

New Beginnings

Tonight is the first new moon of Spring, in the fiery sign of Aries, ruled by the warrior Mars. There is a cycle that was started on March 20th on Spring Equinox, which we are stepping even more fully into with this new moon.

The Super Moon on Spring Equinox, brought in an influx of new energy, filling us with hopes and dreams for the future; this was combined with the Neptunian vibe of the Mercury retrograde, and while we were vibing with the equinox, we were still dealing with the illusive nature of the retrograde. Just a quick diversion, this Pisces influenced Mercury retrograde had real fun with us..I got no less than four reports of water pipes bursting, bathrooms flooding, tea kettles refusing to work. I myself went away for a couple of days during this retrograde and my friend’s house where I was staying, lost water supply for the whole day during the equinox. And just when we were like, weeee… the retrograde is over, Mercury had the last laugh as British Airways ‘accidentally’ carried their passengers 525 miles in the opposite direction of the destination!

Even though Mercury is direct now, it is still conjunct illusive Neptune and still in the shadow period of the retrograde, so there is a note of caution with this full moon to think before we leap, which is difficult because all Aries wants to do is leap. Leap into new beginnings, new projects and new relationships. Luckily, we have Saturn in Capricorn looking out for us on this new moon, and as this moon squares Saturn, we will feel the restraint of the Lord of Karma on our desire to run free and wild. Let’s take a moment then to break down what the planets are really trying to urge us toward. The first new moon of spring certainly is the time for planting new seeds and starting new projects. However, it might be even more important for us to think about new perspectives, new ways of looking at things and maybe even a whole new way of Being. Saturn squaring the new moon tells us that in order for us to do this, we first have to be willing to do the work, the internal work that is necessary to create space for the Newness, namely to let go of the old. Old habits, patterns and ways of functioning that keep us locked in relationships we have outgrown, work that brings no joy and most importantly keeps us reaching outside of ourselves for peace, happiness and love.

This means being willing and ready to let go of anything and anyone that does not support our growth and change. It means telling the truth to ourselves of what we really want to create in our lives and then looking in the mirror and accepting that we are the only ones who stand in the way of this creation manifesting. It means accepting that there will be some people who will not forgive us and yet others who we will always be wary of, and making the decision to move forward anyway.

Spring is a time of vitality and vibrancy and nature is ready to support us in our choices to move towards what we desire. The planets too are singing a song of spring, with fiery Aries invigorating us to charge forward. And yet, Saturn whispers to us to first overcome our fears, doubts and pessimism through perseverance and a willing heart. When we think about it, this planetary symphony is actually quite a beautiful one; Aries is generally known for being a great starter, but an awful finisher (being an Aries Ascendant myself, I can tell you this challenge is real). So having the courage to really ask ourselves what we are afraid of, and then facing these fears head on before diving into new things is the best thing we can do to ensure the longevity of these new projects, relationships and habits. There are no shortcuts to success under this new moon; but if we really and truly want transformation of our ego and a path to true happiess, and are willing to go through the tests and challenges, the conjunctions of the fixed star Alpheratz and the new moon asteroid Vibilia promises to not only support our journey with their harmonious vibes, but also to ensure that we will arrive at our destination.

So with all this being said, what can we do to ensure our success? The answer lies with the Neptune — surrender. We can use the energy of the dark moon to surrender our egoic desires, wants and wishes and listen to the calling within our souls. We are part of a bigger picture and a higher plan, and while it’s good to have goals and the desire to manifest them, I encourage you to dig deeper and ask yourself ‘why’. Why do you want what you want? And can you trust that if you work on yourself and surrender the notion of constant doing, you can connect to a way of being that will guide you on your path? This surrender is an act of self-love and Love never leads us astray, but brings us closer to Joy.

''From Pure Joy springs all Creation,

By Joy it is maintained, toward Joy it proceeds,

and to Joy it returns’’ - Ajit Mookerjee, Tantra Asana

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