• Lubaina Choudhury

Movement as Medicine

During my experience of transformation with my body, after a significant amount of weight loss, I was feeling pretty good about myself. People responded differently to me and for the first time in my life I felt confident and happy in my body. At this point I had completely transformed what I ate and I had for all intents and purposes made a huge lifestyle change and felt very happy with my accomplishments. Little did I know that there was yet another hurdle for me to cross.

If we don’t fully heal our unhealthy patterns, they just change forms and come to haunt us in a different shape. That is what it was like for me as well. I went from compulsive eating to restrictive eating. I found myself anxious again, this time about gaining all the weight back and losing my hard work and losing this new way that the world was treating me. I still had healing to do. This is where the ancient practice of Han Su Do movement came into my life as a game changer. Our emotions are energy in motion and these ancient practices helped me ground myself back into my body. I started to connect with my physical sense in a completely different way through these practices and soon enough I felt another shift starting to happen. I noticed that my relationship to food changed yet again. I started getting excited about eating and creating healthy meal plans and desserts and feeling good about satiating my body and it’s needs.

Movement helps move energy, meditation helps build energy. We can use movement to release emotions, destress and achieve a sense of balance and harmony. Without movement energy stagnates in our body and we feel fatigued and uneasy.

One of the things that happens also happens to our bodies when we get injured or as we get older is that our bodies get tighter and less flexible. Similarly when there is stress and trauma in our lives, our minds get ‘tight’ and this slows down the healing process. Here is the good news, since the mind and body affect each other greatly, we can actually use our bodies to help the healing process of injury to our minds. Movement then is key to healing, growing and becoming stronger in our bodies and minds.

In my one on one sessions, I use mindful movement as a way to facilitate personal transformation. Want to find out more? Contact me today for a free 20 minute consultation.

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