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Living Life Consciously - how meditation can help identify key blocks in your mind and help move pas

We are all striving for a healthier, more productive life. Everybody wants to be more happy, more fulfilled. Sometimes it might seem like no matter what we do, we get stuck and can't move past a certain point. A key reason behind this, are unconscious patterns in our minds that we are not aware of. Habituated ways of thinking that eventually translate into habitual actions that hold us back.

When we allow ourselves to relax and calm our minds and connect to ourselves in a fuller more present way, we can then unlock the door of what is behind this habitual patterns and in doing do bring awareness to them. As we become aware of what the real block is that is holding us in these unconscious behaviors, we can create real and long lasting change.

For example, I have a habit of procrastinating (something I'm sure no one else can relate to ;) ) and sometimes I will put things off for no apparent reason, until it absolutely needs to get done and I have more of a sense of urgency. And for the longest time I was not able to break this habit, until I started implementing a mindfulness practice like meditation. Only then was I able to understand the unconscious motivations, even fears behind this pattern (fear of failure was one of them) and then I was able to change this way of being I had developed and create a new one, and also still stay conscious of this old pattern when it comes up again.

Science tells us that every time we think, neurons fire in our brains and thinking about an action creates a response in the brain that is similar to actually performing that action, and the more times these neurons get fired, it creates stronger neural pathways in our brains. This is why if you take the same route to work long enough, you can be on 'autopilot' and take that route without having to think deliberately about doing it. So imagine then that your brain gets 'wired' for repeating unconscious unhealthy patterns that hold you back and the only way to get past this is to program your brain differently.

What a mindful practice of meditation can do then is:

a) Help you identify your unconscious patterns that hold you back

b) Find what holds these patterns together, so you can break them

c) Help you create new healthier patterns that allow you to live life with more joy and fulfillment

Living a more conscious life allows us to connect to a deeper sense of well being and purpose, so that we can feel more alive and empowered!

Want to learn how to meditate, but don't know where to start? Join me for one of my meditation circles or book a one on one session.

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