• Lubaina Choudhury

Full Moon in Scorpio — What turns you on about your life?

Tonight we have a blue full moon in Scorpio (blue because of there being two full moons this month). This full moon carries with it an energy of transformation and the desire to go deep. Scorpio loves to go deep and with the opposition to Mercury in Taurus, the message is to dig deep into what wants to be expressed or communicated through you. Scorpio is the sign of sex, the esoteric, death and transformation. Isn't it interesting that those are all under the same sign in astrology? So let this new moon help you discover, what is it about your life that turns you on? And what needs a Plutonian overhaul and makeover? Chances are, with this full moon, you might be asking these questions about the intimate relationships in your life — are they serving a higher purpose of growth and change? Or are they keeping you stuck in your old patterns embedded so deep into your psyche that you have not looked at them until now. Under the penetrating illumination of this moon, nothing can really hide from your awareness, and if you choose to continue to turn a blind eye to it, you will be left with a lingering feeling of discomfort.

The beauty of this planetary alignment is in its very intensity, and it’s a pretty perfect way to usher in the month of lighthearted Gemini that is around the corner. This lunar configuration is reminding us that even though the weather is getting warmer and more cheerful, there are still retrogrades in the sky, asking us to pay attention to what is happening within our collective consciousness. Also interesting is that the moon rules the feminine principle in astrology, and specifically motherhood, and this is the vibration we are under just as we get a harsh reality check about how society still views the rights of women and the choices around motherhood.

The planets are speaking the language of the universe and asking us to create a transformation within our own beings, which is the only place we can start any kind of change, and as we shift we shift the vibration of the collective consciousness. So we are faced with difficult questions and choices to make. Who do you choose to be and what do you choose to create in the world around you?

A good meditation for this new moon would be to sit by a body of water and practice observing this element. Water is a powerful teacher and it helps us to connect to our subconscious minds. So find some water and contemplate on the depths within our oceans, our seas, the womb of our mother earth, and then allow yourself to explore the depths within your own being, your own soul.

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