• Lubaina Choudhury

What we want and what we need

Why is it that what we need and what we want are diametrically opposite to each other? Like that relationship we keep chasing after or that job that if we got, would finally make us happy. But then that relationship slips away and that job is given to someone else, and we are forced then to accept reality and to let go of our notions of what we want. And when we truly let go, something else comes in and we slowly find that it works better than what we wanted, because it fulfills our needs.

So the illusion we had in the first place about having any control, was exactly that, an illusion. A trick played by our minds in cahoots with the ego. I believe that the reason why there is such a difference between what we want and what we need is because what we want comes from our ego aspect, and what we need is already deep within us as a part of our immortal souls and once we surrender to this process and let go, what is already within us can manifest into being showing up as what we need.

Even more interesting is that once we surrender to what we need, we can actually have what we want. We are meant to live in joy and be happy. Happiness connects us to the vibration of love and this leads us to then actually experiencing this love manifested in our lives. And once we surrender to love showing up as all that is, there is nothing but love and our empty cups are filled with the force and power of this love, quenching our thirst in a way we never even believed was possible.

So I encourage you to stop chasing what you want, and surrender to what you need. Then you never know, what you want might start chasing you.

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