I believe my journey of exploring self-healing started a long time ago when I was teenager perusing through books about astrology, past lives, and asking questions about why I am and who I am and so on. Naturally drawn to what others termed weird and kooky, I was definitely searching for something and somehow, I always had the sneaking suspicion that the answers were hiding in plain sight. 

A  number of years ago,  I found myself in a tough place in life. I was so unhealthy and overweight that I developed a serious hiatal hernia and ended up in the emergency room after not being able to eat for 5 days. And you know what? After 18 hours of running every test that they could imagine, I ended up with a $20,000 bill and a diagnosis that said ‘good news is, you’re not dying, bad news is, we don’t know what is wrong with you’. I left that emergency room feeling completely helpless and weak. But luckily, I had people around who believed in natural healing and who pointed me in the right direction. I went for a session with a man who works as a hands on energy healer. He was a very gifted person who did not have a name for what he did (although he was a trained chiropractor). All I know is that he diagnosed my hernia within the first 10 minutes of the session, even helped me feel it and told me how to manipulate it and after an hour long session with him, I was able to eat proper and solid food after 5 days. 

I am passionate about what I do and would love to tell you more about my 'why'. Read about the my why of my story.

Interestingly enough, a lot of emotion came up for me during this session. What followed was the beginning of what led me to creating actual and lasting change in my relationship to my body and my relationship to food. I worked with and learned many different mind-body and alternative modalities to help me heal my body physically. Each thing I explored led me over and over again to the same thing: I needed to create change from the inside out. Once I started to work with my anxiety, once I started to work with my anger and depression (which is really anger turned inside out), I noticed that I had started shedding the pounds without trying. I experimented on myself with every possible cleanse and juice fast. Some were effective, some were not very helpful. I found that my body had a wisdom of it’s own and found ways to send messages about what it needed and wanted and I found that the clearer I got emotionally, the more connected I was in receiving and responding to those messages.

I learned through this process, that the most effective way to heal my body was to find the way to living and being authentically me. This required me to delve into myself and follow the guidance of my heart. I found that not only did I shed pounds as I shed emotions, I got to know myself and started exploring my relationship to my own self. My depression lifted, I felt a deeper sense of purpose and direction. And this is where you come in. I am at a point where I feel like my purpose is to share what I have learned and experienced to assist others who might be feeling stuck the way I did. If you feel like you want to transform your relationship to your body and achieve mental and emotional wellbeing, I will be honored to walk this path with you. The purpose of this work is for you to be able to empower yourself and have a fulfilling relationship to yourself which is the key to experiencing a deep sense of freedom and happiness in all areas of your life.