I believe our every single one of us has the ability to transform our relationship to our bodies through the process of working with our emotions (energy in motion). This transformation can help you in creating a fulfilling relationship to yourself which is the key to experiencing a deep sense of freedom and happiness. 


The process of healing and creating lasting change is a journey, and this journey is different for each person. As such this is not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all program, but rather one tailored to each individual participating. During our first introductory session, we outline what it is that you want to address and change not just about your body, but also about your life. Then together we will design a plan combining nutrition, movement, energy healing and intuitive coaching to meet you where you are at and guide you towards where you want to go. The program consists of one session per week as well as a follow up phone call and other forms of support and will give you tools to stay engaged and grounded throughout the process.

This is a three-month program to transform your body from the inside out, designed for those of you who are ready and willing to make a real commitment to yourselves of creating long lasting change in your lives. 

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A few years ago, I was very overweight and unhealthy. You have probably heard the stories of how diets don’t work, it’s true, they don’t. Nor do juice fasts and cleanses (by themselves) and whatever the latest and greatest superfood or supplement is that promises to change your metabolism and make you feel great. I tried all these things and more, and I found that the missing link to making any of these processes work for you lies within you. This link is not so much focusing on creating a lifestyle change, but rather creating change from inside out. For anybody who has struggled with weight issues, body image issues, the key is to work with the emotions that are keeping that behavior in place. My compulsive eating disorder was connected to my anxiety, it was the way I coped with feeling anxious. My depressive states were what made me choose unhealthy foods that create dependency such as foods with high amounts of sugar in them.


In this program we will use ancient movement practices to remove energy stagnation as well as replenish the natural healing abilities of the body’s cells to facilitate emotional transformation on a deep level. We will use meditation and mind-body techniques to release unhealthy emotional patterns that hold you back from experiencing true self love inside your physical body causing you to have an unbalanced relationship with food and with your own body temple.

Changing how you feel from the inside out will make it easier for you to make healthier choices and going deeper into the program, we will incorporate an individually tailored nutritional plan that will eventually translate into your lifestyle.


It takes time to break patterns and replace old habits with new ones, but I will be there every step of the way with you and by the end of this program, you will experience a new kind of freedom within yourself. You will experience the kind of transformation that will help you feel connected, centered and empowered. Are you ready for this change?

What the program consists of:


  • One one-on-one session per week. Here is where we get to the nitty gritty of things. What is holding you back from loving your body completely? What are the emotions that are keeping the weight in place? What is the obstacle to creating lasting change?

  • Nutritional plan incorporating cleanses and transitioning into an eating healthy lifestyle

  • One short follow up phone call per week

  • Individual support

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